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 In artwork, I have found both solace and  adventure. I like to approach each piece intentionally, as both an inquiry and investigation. Art making is a place to experiment and learn about the world, myself, and others.  I feel art is anything but static. In a literal sense, it moves and lives in many ways. Material degrades and changes chemically with time. More abstractly, I find so much of the art is in the process — that is the physical and emotional act of painting and drawing. I often feel that this part of being an artist is more important than final forms or the idea of the “product.” I don’t make art with the intention of capitalizing from it, but because my experience creating brings me so much joy, comfort, and connectedness. As much as it is a sacred place for myself, my visual works are also a way to create a bridge, and open an ongoing conversation with others. I am always so curious about the differences in reaction people have to the same piece. It moves me to think about various people looking at a story I’m telling through their own personal lenses. 

 I’m excited to know what might stir something within you! Enjoy poking around. 

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Pablo Neruda

“Pardon me if when I want to tell the story of my life, it’s the land I talk about. This is the land. It grows in your blood, and you grow. If it dies in your blood, you die out.”

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